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Lipkiss - Award Winning Short Film (English)
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Language : English
Banner : Weekend Shorts Studio
Genre : Romance
Movie Description
Do you really take efforts to understand your loved ones? or you just leave it until it is too late? In relationship, respecting your partner is the top most quality you can show. The film shows two couples, different timelines and one topic that connects them all. Its the story of love and its pain. One small mistake can leave a devastating change in our lives and it will become too late to fix it
Aditi Sanwal, Vimalraj N
More Information
Technical Department
Direction Vimalraj N
Producer Priyanka Choudhary
Music Director Sathya Radhakrishna
Story Writer
Vimalraj N
Jithin Mohan, Sagar Yvv
Editor Name Weekend Shorts Studio