How to pick the right hotel for your next vacation in Asia


For Newlyweds

Your honeymoon momentsare to last you a lifetime set against the backdrop of your perfect hotel stayand nothing can play a spoilsport. Getting that perfect hotel is not too hard!Select your destination, set your budget, seek out a travel agent, if need be,choose your cozy room, check out the facilities available and book your stay.But, while booking, don’t forget to mention that you’re on your honeymoon justto be greeted by some thrilling goodies on your arrival by the hotel staff!

For Solo Backpackers


A hotel stay can makeor break your trip. If you are a solo backpacker, out to see the sights of aforeign land, then you got to be super-savvy while booking a hotel. Thelocation is the key when you are travelling solo. Choose a hotel that iscentrally located with easy access to public transport, sightseeing and eateries


Safety is criticalwhen travelling solo, so do your homework, check Google Maps for particularlocation and read up recent reviews or join social media groups and communitiesto know about traveller experiences and interact with them to clarify yourdoubts.

For Nature Lovers


If you are a true-blueadventurer, your travel itinerary is full of adventurous wildlife safaris. Foryou, it is a great idea to book a hotel nearest to the natural reserve or thesanctuary you plan to explore. Nature is at the centerpiece for you at a hotelthat doubles as a base camp for adventure.

Check online about theexperiences of other tourists. There are great stay options,closer to a natural reserve. It also gives you an opportunity to engage withthe local community. Be clear about your desires, and book a hotel that offersa comfortable and safe stay.

For Cultural Explorers

Here’s your chance torelive ‘Indiana Jones’ on your next adventurous expedition. A lot of greatIndian travelers book holidays with exclusive tours to explore the grandarchitecture and unique history of a city. To double the fun of your stay, it’sbest to book a hotel with a fascinating history and architecture and of courseeasy commuting options.

For Relaxing Souls

There’s a trend ofwellness tourism on the rise to serene locations for refreshing oneself throughmeditation and relaxation. If you are planning to line up beauty treatments,meditation sessions, and spa massages then your hotel must have at least one ofthese services. Choose a hotel with great spas and expert masseurs. Also, readup about the meditation/yoga programs on offer.


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