Telangana, Andhra Pradesh Websites enraged, 6 Bitcoins Demanded As Deliverance


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Hackers, who attacked websites of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh state power utilities, have demanded six Bitcoins (nearly Rs. 20 lakh) as ransom to give description key to restore the sites, police said today.

T Srinivas, Director (Projects and IT) of Southern Power Distribution Company Limited (SPDCL), assuring no data breach said the website of their organisation is open and that of Northern Power Distribution Company Limited is in the process of restoration.

"They (ransomware attackers) demanded six Bitcoins. Normally the attackers leave a link for paying ransom. In this case the websites were restored to normalcy even before they sent the link. We are continuing our investigation," Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Cyber Crimes) KCS Raghu Vir said.

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