What if Apple iOS Store had to lower prices?


LOS ANGELES — GreggSpiridellis isn't shy when it comes to his feelings about the Apple iOS AppStore.

A "clearmonopoly," says Spiridellis, who earlier this year sold JibJab, thecompany he founded with brother Evan. JibJab charges $2.99 monthly for accessto e-card tools.

On Monday, the SupremeCourt agreed to hear a court case filed by a consumer upset over Apple's appstore pricing. The outcome has implications for rivals, like Google, Samsungand Amazon, which all offer apps to consumers, as well, through their stores.

Consumers can't getapps for their Apple phones unless the company approves them and makes themavailable to customers. Apple company charges app developers like JibJab a 30%fee for having their apps in their iOS store, and the only option for them tocollect payments is by going through Apple and paying what Spiridellis calls"the Apple tax."

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