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WhatsApp Group Funny Conversation

Joke Type: Funny
Comedy Description:
Admin : Adding Laxmi to the group.

Vivek : Hi Laxmi welcome to the group.

Laxmi : Hi guys am new to the city

Venu : Hi Laxmi dont worry , am there...any problems i will be the solution

Rajan : Hi Laxmi.. tell me if you have any  problem, will arrange a solution for u

Vijay : Hi Laxmi, if you need anything tell me, it will be arranged.

Ratan : Hi Laxmi mera bhai Hyderabad me hee hai , koi bhi problem ho i will manage it for you..

Laxmi : Thanx guys for your support

Ratan : Laxmi whats your full name..

Laxmi : Laxminarayan Rao.

Venu left

Ratan left

Vijay left

Rajan left

Admin left... 

Laxmi is the admin now