Can RockStar Give Break To Struggling Hero?


Some heroes arise like a storm, makes theirpresence felt, but before fans build temples to them, they just fade away.Right now young hero Raj Tarun is in a like situation as most of his recent moviesended up as big flops at the box office. And then, producer Dil Raju who hasproduced his recent dud Lover has now offered him one more movie, which occursto be a remake of a Turkish picture. 


Guess what, Raju is taking Devi Sri Prasad forthis film now as he needs to give a big hit for Raj Tarun at any cost. PreviousRockStar gave career-best music for Raj Tarun in the form of Kumari 21 F and wehave to say that music has helped that movie big time to turn into asensational hit. 

Now that DSP is onboard, he would deliver his best as he isalso in a fall these days, such that Raj Tarun will catch another big break.Can he do that?