Kamal Hasan met Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Images

Description: After the meeting at the Kamal’s residence, Kejriwal, with Kamal Haasan by his side, told the media that it is important that when India is battling corruption and communalism, singular minded people should talk to each other. Speaking about battling corruption and communalism, Kejriwal said, "Happy to know that a large number of people of the country are against corruption and communalism but only few people have the courage to speak and Kamal Haasan has to be one of them. Kamal Haasan is a man of integrity and courage to talk about communalism and corruption. I feel that Kamal Haasan should join politics”. Without revealing any of their plans, Arvind Kejriwal told the media that the two had an excellent meeting and that they will continue to discuss and hold meetings in the future.