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Show Type:Special Shows
show Time:00:00 AM
Technical Team:NA
Casting:Alison Brie as Ruth "Zoya the Destroya" Wilder, Betty Gilpin as Debbie "Liberty Belle" Eagan, Sydelle Noel as Cherry "Junkchain" Bang, Britney Young as Carmen "Machu Picchu" Wade, Marc Maron as Sam Sylvia.
Story Description:As the ladies pack up for the Hayworth, a drunk Sam returns to the motel to try and mend things with Justine while Debbie bails out to move back in with Mark. Ruth puts herself in charge of the event. With hardly any attendance in the ballroom, Tammé, Melrose, and Sheila pay several moviegoers from across the street to watch their show. Glen informs Cherry that she got the lead role in the station's upcoming cop drama series, but she has to quit GLOW in the process. The opening match goes out of control when the crowd does not take kindly to Arthie's "Beirut the Mad Bomber" gimmick and Rhonda is hit in the head with a beer can thrown by an audience member. Sam spots Debbie and Mark in the audience and calls her a quitter. Carmen overcomes her stagefright when her father and brothers start cheering for her. The main event is a tag team match with Ruth and Jenny defeating Dawn and Stacey, only for Ruth to double-cross Jenny and pin her to win the GLOW Crown. Her coronation is suddenly interrupted when Debbie challenges her to a match. Debbie finishes off Ruth with a flying cross body to become the GLOW Champion. Tammé, however, steals the Crown as part of Sam's plan to continue the storyline.