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Dead Body Found In Nagarjuna Farmland - Tollywood News

Today Cyberabad police officials have informed that an unidentified body under a decomposed state was found in the farmland belonged to Tollywood King Nagarjuna. A case has been registered and the enquire regarding the murder is being started by the police department.

Going into details, hero Nagarjuna has purchased 40 acres of agricultural land many years back and it is kept unused from a couple of years. Recently Amala Akkineni have visited the farmland and it was a casual visit as she was passing by their farmland.

Yesterday evening the workers at the Nagarjuna farmland has sensed a bad smell coming out from an old shed room and informed to the police officials. By the end of the day, the police department has arrived and they were shocked to see a dead body in a bad decomposed unidentified state. As of now, police officials have mentioned that it’s a six months old body, a man was murdered and the dead body is placed inside the shed located in the farmland.