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Kajal To Live Stream Hero Baby Birth - Tollywood News

Live streaming a baby birth is not a new thing in Hollywood and in celebrities this kind of culture is quite normal. In May this year Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have live-streamed the royal baby boy through Instagram and everyone in London celebrated the happy moments.

But this is quite new to India and not even Bollywood star heroes or business people or celebs have dared enough to take such a step because of personal life and their lifestyle. Now for the first time in Tollywood hero Manchu Vishu is going to take the help of heroine Kajal Aggarwal in live streaming the birth of his baby through Instagram. For few days Vishnu is posting pictures, videos his wife pregnant wife Viranica Manchu and today he shared the news about live streaming through his social media count.

Manchu Vishnu tweeted as,

“After lots of discussions/ deliberations with the beautiful @MsKajalAggarwal ; I am planning to do an instagram LIVE of @vinimanchu giving birth to our new baby!!!! Thanks @MsKajalAggarwal . Just love your idea.