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Netizens Happy For Tamanna Simhadri Elimination - Tollywood News

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu reality show has successfully completed its three weeks on the small screen and as per sources the TRP rating as slowly picking up from the day it got started. As per the Bigg Boss game format the third-week elimination was done and as many expected Tamanna Simhadri got eliminated from the reality show. Viewers of Bigg Boss 3 Telugu and netizens are very happy about Tamanna Simhadri elimination.

When Tamanna Simhadri was sent in Bigg Boss house as a wild card entry many were surprised about the decision taken by the reality show makers. But later the reasons mentioned by Tamanna Simhadri for entering the Bigg Boss house made everyone give her a chance to watch what she will be doing in the reality show.

But from the day one Tamanna Simhadri started to personally abuse making comments on personal life's of the other contestants, targeting few members in Bigg Boss has created a negative impression on Tamanna. Things turned nasty when Tamanna Simhadri started verbal abuse of television actor Ravi Krishna and it did not stop even after other Bigg Boss house contestants repeatedly requested to stop attacking the TV actor after he nominated Tamanna for elimination. Finally, on the elimination day, Tamanna Simhadri was announced to come out of the Bigg boss house for getting less number of votes.