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RDX LOVE Trailer Talk - Tollywood News

The makers of RDX Love film that stars seductive Paayal Rajput and Tejus Kancherla of Husharu movie fame have released the movie trailer today. RDX Love trailer is unveiled by mass director V.V.Vinayak and the lead pair, director, producer were present at director office during the trailer launch.

Initially when RDX Love first look poster is released everyone felt that the producers are highlighting heroine Paayal glamour and they won’t be any content in the movie. But with RDX Love trailer has clearly showcased that it’s not a B-grade movie with hot scenes but a content driven storyline that deals with a serious issue between two villages and have an equal amount of emotion, humor, action regular audiences will expect in Telugu films.

Paayal Rajput is shown fighting with bodybuilders, few more action sequences and also uttering strong dialogues in RDX Love trailer. Overall the RDX Love trailer hints that it’s a complete commercial movie and audiences are going to witness the other side of heroine Paayal Rajput  in this film.