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Reason Behind Trivikram Ignored By Akkineni Hero - Tollywood News

A few days back Akkineni Hero Nagarjuna has conducted the pre-release event of his upcoming movie “Manmadhudu 2” on a grand note in Hyderabad. From the day one Nagarjuna stressed that Manmadhudu 2 has nothing to do with the Manmadhudu film, it’s not a sequel but it was used to attract the audience’s attention on the family entertainer.

Nagarjuna has invited the team who has worked for Manmadhudu movie for the pre-release function of Manmadhudu 2 and it had director Vijay Bhaskar, Music director DSP and most of the crew worked for the film. But director Trivikram was not invited who has given the screenplay, dialogues for Manmadhudu and Nagarjuna credited only Vijay Bhaskar for the success of Manmadhudu. This has shocked most of the people attended the event and also in the film industry.

When digged deeper into the matter about ignoring Trivikram from Manmadhudu and not inviting to Manmadhudu 2 event, we got some shocking information. In the past, Nagarjuna has approached Trivikram to make a film with his younger son Akhil but there was no positive response from the director. The Akkineni hero tried for the second time with other members in the film industry still Trivikram did not react to the request and this has hurt Nagarjuna on a personal level.