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Red Carpet Premiere For Evaru - Tollywood News

Multi-talented hero Adivi Sesh is gearing for his next movie “Evaru” release on 15th August and he is competing with hero Sharwanand film “Ranarangam” at the Tollywood box office. To have an upper hand in the audience's mind a special red carpet premiere is going to be held for Evaru movie by its makers so that early reviews come out a day before release.

 As per official sources, Evaru special premiere show will be screened on 14th August 2019 where most of the celebrities from Telugu film industry and media members will be invited by PVP Banner production house in Hyderabad. Already Evaru film was screened for 1000 plus people who are not related to the movie industry, also not a regular movie goer and surprising Evaru has impressed them to the core with the suspense element.

This has increased the confidence levels of PVP Cinema and Adivi Sesh Evaru film team, this has made the way for special premiere show to media members in Tollywood at Prasad’s multiplex in Hyderabad. Evaru trailer has generated a lot of hype around the film especially for Regina’s character and its hints she is playing the major role in this suspense crime thriller. Keep watching the space for more interesting updates and Tollywood news.