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#boycottchhapaak Trending In India - Bollywood News

The unexpected violence happening in the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) from last few days has taken the central stage of opinions, discussions in social media platforms. There is a mixed response from celebrities in India where few Bollywood stars are opening showing their support to the students of the JNU online and some are standing beside them participating in silent protest along with students.

Bollywood star heroine Deepika Padukone visited the JNU campus in Delhi showing her support to the students taking part in the protest at the university premises. It takes a lot of strength, courage, guts to stand on the things one believes and bravely display it without thinking much about the consequences that might arrive later. Deepika Padukone did that by showing her presence along with the JNU students and this did not go well with few bhakts that lead to #boycottchhapaak in Twitter from last night.

By morning #boycottchhapaak has topped the Twitter trending taking the first place with millions of tweets with the hashtag which was like a big shock to the makers of the Deepika movie that is releasing in a day. Let’s wait and watch will be unexpected negative trending on the Chhapaak will have any effect on its release and box office collections or not.