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Brochevarevaru Ra Review

Language: Telugu
Banner: Manyam Productions
Producer: Vijay Kumar Manyam
Director: Vivek Athreya
Music Director: Vivek Sagar
Editor: Ravi Teja Girijala
Story Writer: Vivek Athreya
Cinematographer: Sai Sriram
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Vishal (Sree Vishnu), Vishak (Priyadarshi), and Rambo(RahulRamakrishna) are three friends who fail their intermediate thrice and keep onwasting time. In such a situation, Mithra (Nivetha Thomas) joins their collegeand becomes close to them. On the other hand, Mitra has some serious issueswith her dad and wants to get out of her house and seeks the help of the threefriends. The gang makes a crazy plan and executes it well. But to theirsurprise, the events that follow create massive problems for them. What arethose problems? And how did they come out of it is the whole story of the film?



One of the biggest assets of the film is the continuous dose ofcomedy. The first half is filled with good humor and talented actors, SreeVishnu, Priyadarshi, and Rahul Ramakrishna are a laugh riot with their solidchemistry and comic timing.

Nivetha Thomas is always a talent to watch out for and is theperfect fit in her role. Her performance in the film is superb as she gets toportray a unique role and she does a good job in it. The kidnapping scenes andhow they narrated with a different screenplay is the highlight of the film andcreate superb humor.

The key factor related to the bag of money has been used in asuperb manner in the film. Satya Dev was amazing in his role. His screenpresence and the way Satya carried it was superb. Nivetha Pethuraj is gettingbetter and better with every film of hers and she has done an impressive job inthe film. Harshvardhan in a cop’s role was also pretty good.



Background score by Vivek Sagar is one of the biggest assets ofthe film. He elevated the film to another level with his score. Productionvalues of the film look top notch as the proceedings look quite realistic. Therustic locales look good in the film. Dialogues are hilarious as all the smallpunches work well in the first half.

Coming to the director Vivek Athreya, he takes a different routewith his second film and nicely narrates a kidnap comedy with a lot of humorand thrill. The manner in which he kept the proceedings simple and yetentertaining showcases his talent. He used all his characters pretty well inthe film.

Critics Rating

Technical Department

Direction 8
Editor 7
Casting Producer 7
Art Department 7
Music Director 8

Technical Department

Story Department 8
Choreography 7
Cinematography 8
Graphics 7
Field Publicity 7
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