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Evaru Review

Language: Telugu
Banner: Prasad V Potluri
Producer: Adivi Sesh
Director: Venkat Ramji
Music Director: Sri charan pakala
Editor: Garry BH
Story Writer: Venkat Ramji
Cinematographer: Vamsi Pachipulusu
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2 User's Rated
Samera (Regina Cassandra) gets arrested on the murder charges for killing ACP Ashok (Naveen Chandra) but she portrays it as a self defence act when a rape attempt was made on her. No one believes her including her husband and with a friend’s suggestion she approaches a corrupt cop Vikram (Adivi Sesh) to help her out and prove her she is innocent. What is the relationship between Sameera and Ashok? Did Vikram got successful in helping Samera or not? Forms the rets of the story.
Regina Cassandra
Adivi Sesh
Second Half
Interesting Twists and Turns
Short Runtime
First Half
No Entrainment Elements
Confusing Narration
Adivi Sesh very well knows his limitations as an actor and he never go out of the line while selecting character roles that he can pull off with ease. Even for Evaru also Adivi Sesh did the same thing for Evaru film by doing a corrupt cop role and he did an impressive job with is sharp acting skills. Especially the interrogation scenes between Adivi Sesh and Regina has come out brilliantly. Even though it’s the first time Sesh is playing the police officer character but he has given his best making everyone believe him.
Naveen Chandra has got a meaty role and he is given a good runtime in Evaru compared to his recent films. The chemistry between Regina and Naveen Chandra is a delight to eyes to watch on big screen. Naveen Chandra has done full justice to the role that is given to him and this is one of the best roles that he was given and even performed it with ease. Murali Sharma is given a small role but he made his presences felt with his acting abilities. New actor who has played the cancer patient did good job.
Regina Cassandra is the show stellar of the Evaru with her extraordinary performance, her performances will stand out high compared to rest of the cast members. The entire film revolves around Regina and her performances in the second half is mind blowing. She has showcased multiple shades of  rape victim,  murder, middle class family girls with big dreams and her grey shade is highlight in the movie.

Critics Rating

Technical Department

Direction 8
Editor 8
Casting Producer 7
Art Department 8
Music Director 7

Technical Department

Story Department 7
Choreography 8
Cinematography 9
Graphics 7
Field Publicity 8
Others Comment:
Bottom Line – Gripping thriller with interesting twists, unexpected climax with good performances and perfect for suspense thriller genre but if you watched Badla, The Invisible Guest then movie will not thrill Rating – 7/10