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Language: English
Banner: Seven Bucks Productions Chris Morgan Productions
Producer: Dwayne Johnson Jason Statham Chris Morgan Hiram Garcia
Director: David Leitch
Music Director: Tyler Bates
Editor: Christopher Rouse
Story Writer: Chris Morgan, Drew Pearce
Cinematographer: Jonathan Sela
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Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Deckard Shaw(Jason Statham) are poles apart from each other in everything they do and top of it they can’t stand one another because of the many things happened in the past between them. But Luke Hobbs, Deckard Shaw comes into a situation where they have to work together despite their differences to save the world from the deadly virus “Snowflake” that was created by a terrorist organization Eteon that was led by super human Brixton Lore. Rest of the story is what happened when both Luke Hobbs, Deckard Shaw team up against the Brixton Lore?


Dwayne Johnson

Jason Statham

Idris Elba

Chasing Scenes

Action Episodes

Solid Technical Team


Bit Over Lengthy

Few Lagged Scenes

Many Logic fewer Scenes


Dwayne Johnson was into the character of Luke Hobbs, a sincere police official and don’t mind to cross the line smashing criminals to get his job done. As we all know he is best in the stunts department all his action parts, fight scenes came out perfect and the new emotional family man angle created for him has also got clicked right looking natural but not forced compared to his previous movies.

Jason Statham was on track from the word go in the film with the slight action that he is popular form and the car chasing episodes, trashing his opponents with his trademark fighting skills are a delight to watch on the big screen. The bromance of Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson has been opened up high this time to a large extent and their love-hate relationship provides a lot of entertainment.

Idris Elba is the surprise element of the film and he has given his best as the antagonist showcasing all the skills that he possesses for the character of Brixton Lore. He was expectational in the bike driving sequences and fitted the bill perfectly-staying strong against both the machos Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham.

Vanessa Kirby did complete justice given to her role of an MI6 field agent, she was quick to get into the character doing her own stunts, fights and she did a remarkable job for sure. There are some special cameos by stars like Ryan Reynolds, Rob Delaney, and Kevin Hart that will lighten up the audiences with some fun moments from the hard-core action going on in the film.

Critics Rating

Technical Department

Direction 9
Editor 8
Casting Producer 8
Art Department 8
Music Director 8

Technical Department

Story Department 8
Choreography 7
Cinematography 9
Graphics 9
Field Publicity 8
Others Comment:
Bottom Line – Perfect mix of action, thrills with bromance of Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham. A must watch the Fast & Furious franchise film.