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Iddari Lokam Okate

Language: Telugu
Banner: Sri Venkateswara Creations
Producer: Shirish
Director: G.R. Krishna
Music Director: Mickey J Meyer
Editor:  Thammi Raju
Story Writer: G.R. Krishna
Cinematographer: Sameer Reddy
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Mahi (Raj Tharun ) is a photographer and Varsha( Shalini Pandey) is a struggling actress. Varsha’s dream of becoming a heroine gets full filled because of Mahi. But this is not the first time the couple meets each other, they born at the same time, same place but part ways and meet up after a decade. What happens in the life of Mahi, Varsha after they meet after 18 years and the fate of the couple's love story has to be watched on the silver screen.


Raj Tharun is well known for his energetic roles and super activeness on the big screen but the Mahi character is a complete contrast to his public image. Raj Tharun has done a decent job but it's hard to digest and but his performance in emotional content has come out as required for the story. His fresh chemistry with heroine has also worked out well and stands as one of the highlights of the movie.

Shalini Pandey is a show stealer in this movie with her extraordinary performance doing complete justice to the multiple shades that are given by the director. She has finally got a role that can put her Preethi character from Arjun Reddy fade a bit in this film and she utilized the opportunity to the core.

Master Roshan and Baby Nethra Reddy who has done the childhood episode of the lead pair has done a great job. Nassar and Rohini did their parts right doing justice to the small roles given to them. Comedian Bharat as Raj Tharun friend evoked a few laughs in the film.


Chemistry Between Lead Pair

Childhood Episode


Emotional Content

Second Half


First Half

Slow Narration



Lack Of Entertainment

Critics Rating

Technical Department

Direction 6
Editor 5
Casting Producer 6
Art Department 6
Music Director 6

Technical Department

Story Department 5
Choreography 6
Cinematography 6
Graphics 5
Field Publicity 6
Others Comment:
New love story with fresh moments throughout the movie and it's a onetime watcher.