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Kalki Review

Language: Telugu
Banner:  Shivani Shivathmika Movies, Happy Movies
Producer: C.Kalyan
Director: Prasanth Varma
Music Director: Shravan Bharadwaj
Editor: Goutham Nerusu
Story Writer: Sai Teja
Cinematographer: Dasaradhi Shivendra
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The story is set inthe native village of Kollapur where two rival gangs are fighting it out andone among them, Shekar Babu gets killed. To investigate this caseKalki(Rajasekhar) is appointed. He starts getting deep into the case but to hissurprise, there is much more to the murder mystery. What is that and how Kalkimanages to unravel all this is the entire story of the film.


The production valuesof the film are pretty good as the film looks quite rich in every frame.Rajasekhar does a sincere job in his role of a cop. Credit should go toPrasanth varma for showcasing him in a superb manner.

Adah Sharma is neat inher role but Nanditha Swetha got a meaty role and she was quite Impressive inthe second half. The last fifteen minutes of the film are quite engaging andthe manner in which the twists are revealed during this time looks very good.

Rahul Ramakrishna wasokay as the journalist who supports Rajasekhar but he needs to get rid of hisweird hairdo and beard. Poojita Ponnada was effective even though she was seenin just a few scenes.

Siddhu Jonnalagaddagets a good and crucial role and he did well. Ashutosh Rana looked effective inhis role of the main villain.




As said earlier, the production values of the film areImpressive. BGM is pretty good but is overused for scenes which were not neededto highlight at all. Camerawork is impressive and so was the production design.But there were too many slow motion shots. The film has a special colortemplate and it looks good on screen. Music is just about okay.

Coming to the director Prashanth Varma, his thought process wasokay but his execution is below par in the first half. In Awe, his screenplaywas top notch and gripping but sadly in this film, things do not work that wellfor him as he makes a mess of the first half and only gets a hang of the thingsin the second half. But he ends the film on an interesting note by revealingthe twists well.

Critics Rating

Technical Department

Direction 6
Editor 6
Casting Producer 6
Art Department 6
Music Director 5

Technical Department

Story Department 6
Choreography 6
Cinematography 7
Graphics 7
Field Publicity 5
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