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Mallesham Review

Language: Telugu
Banner: Suresh Productions
Producer: Raj R , Sri Adhikari
Director: Raj R
Music Director: Mark K Robin
Editor: Raghavender V (FTII)
Story Writer: Raj R
Cinematographer: Balu Sandilyasa (FTII)
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The story of the filmis based on the life of Mallesham, a Padma Sri award winner who invented theAsu machine. Mallesham(Priyadarshi) and his parents belong to a rural villagein Telangana. Mallesham’s mother(Jhansi) is a handloom weaver who worksvery hard. After staying for long hours on the handloom work, the doctorsreveal that if she does any more of the weaving job, her hand can getparalyzed. Seeing this crazy situation, Mallesham decides to invent the aspecial machine for her mom. Rest of the story is as to what kind of difficultiesdoes Mallesham face in inventing this machine and how he became an over nightfamous person in his region.

Mallesham - the biopic of Padma Shri award winner Chintakindi Mallesham -opens on a moribund note. A weaver's family, including two kids, killthemselves, unable to pay back their debts. Despite being ingenious from ayoung age, Mallesham has to drop out of school after the seventh grade to helphis dad out. He grows up watching his mom and a lot of other women in hisvillage suffer with shoulder pain, their bodies wearing out. That is thebottleneck he resolves to solve. 

In the Pochampally style of weaving, the women help the men bypainstakingly winding a silk thread, which pivots around one peg on one sideand 40 on the other side - a process that is crucial for any design. Withoutthis assistance, the weaver slows down drastically. Mallesham (Priyadarshi)fights an uphill battle for years, as he is mocked and jeered at by mostpeople, who dissuade him from pursuing his dream to create the Asu machinewhich will make the process mechanical and spare the women the torment. 

In his struggles, Mallesham finds his wife Padma (AnanyaNagalla) by his side every step, supporting him, cajoling him when he is down,cheering him up and even sacrificing her jewellery to invest in his dream.

Plus Points:

It is a big leap forPriyadarshi in terms of acting with Mallesham. Many might think as to how woulda man who is termed a comedian can pull off a biopic. But Priyadarshi proveseveryone wrong and is a perfect fit as Mallesham. The manner in which the youngactor showcases his helplessness and troubled times through his body languagewas very good. Priyadarshi’s performance is top notch especially in the secondhalf and climax of the film.

Debutante actress,Ananya is a superb find as he is top notch as Priyadarshi’s wife. She suits therole well and things become very interesting once she enters the scene. Onescene where she denies to give money and her jewelry to Darshi was nicelyexecuted and Ananya’s performance was superb.

Last but not theleast, Jhansi surprises you with her emotional act. She looks natural as thelady who is going through health issues. The manner in which she spoke theTelangana dialect and acted with a lot of warmth looks real. All the scenesdepicting the Telangana culture have bee shot and enacted well.

Critics Rating

Technical Department

Direction 8
Editor 8
Casting Producer 7
Art Department 8
Music Director 8

Technical Department

Story Department 8
Choreography 7
Cinematography 8
Graphics 7
Field Publicity 7
Others Comment:
On the whole, Mallesham is a biopic which has simple and realistic emotions. It is a fitting tribute to the legend Mallesham who put Telangana on to the India map. Priyadarsi’s sincere performance and moving family emotions are huge assets. Films like these might not be everyone’s cup of tea as they have an art film kind of a feel and less entertainment. Barring the slow pace, this film is decent and will not disappoint you once you enter the theater.