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Mr. KK

Language: Telugu
Banner: Raaj Kamal Films International
Producer: Kamal Haasan
Director: Rajesh M Selva
Music Director: Ghibran
Editor: Praveen K. L
Story Writer: Rajesh M Selva
Cinematographer: Srinivas R. Gutha
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Doctor Vasu [Abi Hassan] comes to Malaysia along with his pregnant wife Aatirah [Akshara Haasan] and Vasu joins at a night shift doctor in a hospital. On his first day, Vasu comes across KK [Vikram] in an unconscious stage near hospital premises, he reacts quickly calling the cops and admitting KK into the emergency ward. Vasu explains the unexpected incident that happened to his wife and in the next moment, KK brother Nandha[Siddhartha] kidnaps Aatirah. Vasu is threatened to bring back KK from hospital to Nandha as an exchange for his pregnant wife. Who is this KK? Why KK was shot by the Malaysian police? Did Vasu get successful in escaping KK from the hospital or not? Forms the rest of the rest.


Vikram Intense Performance

Ghibran Background Score

Srinivas R. Gutha Cinematography






Vikram is the soul of the film and his tense performance as KK is a treat to watch for his fans on the silver screen. For the first time, Vikram is given fewer dialogues and most of his performance was through his eyes that are impactable. KK is the one the stylish role that Vikram has pulled it off with his own swag and even the salt-pepper look has also matched his real-life persona in the reel character. He even nailed it in action episodes, especially the bike, car chasing scenes are a delight to watch.

Debutant Abi Hassan has given a decent performance, he did fine in everything that is given to him to portray. Akshara Haasan performed ok in pregnant wife role, in the climax she got her emotions right. The chemistry that is shown between Abi Hassan and Akshara Haasan looked cute on the big screen. Lena was effective in the small role given to her and Vikas in his negative role done justice to his part.

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Technical Department

Direction 6
Editor 6
Casting Producer 6
Art Department 7
Music Director 7

Technical Department

Story Department 6
Choreography 6
Cinematography 7
Graphics 7
Field Publicity 7
Others Comment:
Bottom line – Strictly for Vikram Fans and Action-Thriller Genre Audiences.