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Oh Baby Review

Language: Telugu
Banner: Suresh Productions, People's Media Factory, Guru Films, Kross Pictures
Producer: D. Suresh Babu, Sunitha Tati, T.G.Vishwa Prasad, Hyunwoo Thomas Kim
Director: B. V. Nandini Reddy
Music Director: Mickey J Meyer
Editor: Juniad Siddiqui
Story Writer: Lakshmi Bhupala
Cinematographer: Richard Prasad
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70 years old Baby life is surrounded by his son, grandchildren, childhood friend Chanti and running her canteen in a college. Baby keeps blaming God for all the hardships that she is going through in her life. Suddenly on a magical night God paybacks Baby by making her into a 25 years young lady giving back her lost youth life. Baby starts her second life as Swathi and she starts exploring everything that he missed out in her younger days. What Swathi does in her new journey? Will Swathi stops aging or did she turn back as Baby again? Does anyone come to know the reality of Swathi? To know about the rest of the things we have to watch it Oh Baby on the big screen.




Samantha Akkineni Performance

Nandini Reddy Direction

Heart Touching Emotional Scenes


Micky J Meyer Music




Length of the movie

Few Forced comedy Scenes


Bottom line – It’s a complete package of emotions,sentiments, entertainment, and love. Enjoy the magical world of Baby that Samantha and his Oh Baby team has created.  

Critics Rating

Technical Department

Direction 8
Editor 8
Casting Producer 8
Art Department 8
Music Director 8

Technical Department

Story Department 8
Choreography 8
Cinematography 8
Graphics 8
Field Publicity 8
Others Comment:
Performances: Samantha Akkineni has kept her sweat and blood into the role of Swathi. Her honest performance will make everyone cry, laugh, get backs to the memory lane, realize the importance of loved ones and emotionally stays in the mind for a while for sure. Samantha has given her career-best performance to date, the way she adopted herself balancing the older version of Lakshmi Garu matching the mannerisms perfect deserves a big round of applause. Rao Ramesh has got a role that requires an actor of his potential and he nailed it with his acting skills. Especially in the pre-climax scene, he makes your eyes wet with his natural performance. Rajendra Prasad has also got a prominent role, he brought laughs in the hall with his comedy timing at the same time making the sentimental scenes look realistic. His combination of scenes with Samantha has come out really well. Senior actress Lakshmi Garu has given an amazing performance and she successfully held the first 20 minutes of the movie with her acting. Naga Shaurya did his job right in the special cameo and his chemistry with Samantha also looked cute. Child artists Teja has got a good amount of screen time and he looked impressive to his part. The big surprise element of Oh Baby is Sunaina and you will burst out laughing every time she appears on the screen. Despite the small role, Sunaina has provided entertainment to the core with her performance.