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Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru

Language: Telugu
Banner: SL Entertainments in association with Media9
Producer: Manovikas D and Media9 Manoj
Director: Ravi Kiran Kola
Music Director: Jay Krish
Editor: Viplav Nyshadam
Story Writer: Ravi Kiran Kola
Cinematographer: Vidyasagar Chinta, Amardeep Guttula
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Raju (Kiran Abbavaram) is in unconditional love with Rani (Rahasya Gorak) from his teenage but he never gains the strength to express his love to her. Raju misses many opportunities to propose his love for Rani despite help from his close friends Naidu (Yazurved Gurram) and Chowdary (Rajkumar Kasireddy). Rani leaves her village to city for her higher studies leaving Raju in pain and she comes back from three years. This is the last chance for Raju to express his love for Rani as her marriage gets fixed. Did Raju proposes his love for Rani or not? Did Rani accept Raju’s love or not? It has to be seen on the big screen.



Kiran Abbavaram is popular on YouTube with his short films, independent movies, and Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru is his first step into the glamour world of cinema. Kiran Abbavaram impress with his performance from start to end, he is good in emotional scenes showcasing his acting potential and he has a long way to go in Tollywood. Rahasya Gorak did her work up to the mark as expected in the script by the director despite a limited role with fewer dialogues she has won hearts with her expression.

Rajkumar Kasireddy, Yazurved Gurram has played Chowdary and Naidu roles in the film and both are the biggest assets providing entertainment. The combinational comedy episodes of Rajkumar Kasireddy, Yazurved Gurram are hilarious. Both the actors have the potential to make it big in the Telugu film industry as comedians.


Kiran Abbavaram

Rajkumar Kasireddy And Yazurved Gurram Comedy Episodes


Emotional Part Of Love Story


Single Point Story

Second Half

Lagging Scenes


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Technical Department

Direction 7
Editor 7
Casting Producer 7
Art Department 7
Music Director 7

Technical Department

Story Department 6
Choreography 6
Cinematography 7
Graphics 6
Field Publicity 7
Others Comment:
Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru will definitely give a nostalgic feel of your school, college, first love but has its own flaws making it an above-average film that can be watched once for sure.