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Language: Telugu
Banner: Abhishek Pictures
Producer: Satyanarayana Koneru
Director: Ramesh Varma Penmetsa
Music Director: Ghibran
Editor: Amar Reddy
Story Writer: Ram Kumar
Cinematographer: Venkat C. Dileep
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A wannabe director Arun (Bellamkonda Sreenivas)due to some unexpected family situations joins as sub-inspector of police leaving his dreams behind of making a film on psychopath subject. When he joins the police department back to back kidnaps and murders occurs in Hyderabad city. Looking at the crime scenes and the way things are happening Arun suspects it's a work of Psychopath criminal but senior police officer neglects Arun’s arguments but soon everyone believes hatching a plan to catch the brutal criminal. But things don’t work as per plan and even suffers a personal loss because of psych. Who is this psych? Did Arun get hold of the psych? What are the reasons behind criminal turning into a psychopath killing only teenage girls?  Forms the rest of the story.


Engaging Screenplay

Ghibran Background Score

Thrilling Elements

Unexpected Twists and Turns

Strong Performances


Lack of Regular Commercial Elements

Scene To Scene Replica from Original

 Major Cast Are Non-Telugu Actors


Bellamkonda Sreenivas is waiting for a long time to get a character that will help him to showcase his acting skills before audiences. At right time Rakshasudu was offered to Bellamkonda Sreenivas and he has nailed the police officer role who investigates a psychopath criminal case making it look natural with his performances. We can sense a lot of honesty in Bellamkonda Sreenivas acting in this movie and he even excelled in portraying the emotional scenes, action scenes giving his best to the role.

Anupama Parameswaran was given a limited role but she has made her presences felt with her acting skills. She looked beautiful in the sarees to look and her chemistry with hero has also worked out well. Rajeev Kanakala was given a key role in the film and he has shown all the experiences that he had in the important emotional scenes. There is one particular scene in the first half and Rajeev Kanakala performance will definitely bring tears in everyone watching the film.

Saravanan who has played the villain character from the original Tamil Ratsasan has done a commendable job in the Telugu version also. This acting is spine chilling, especially in the violent scenes. Special mention to Vinod Sagar who has acted as the school teacher molesting girls and its one of the strong performances in the movie. Child artist Dua Kaushik is the show stealer and it's her best performance till date, she has a bright future ahead.

Critics Rating

Technical Department

Direction 9
Editor 8
Casting Producer 8
Art Department 8
Music Director 9

Technical Department

Story Department 9
Choreography 8
Cinematography 9
Graphics 8
Field Publicity 8
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Bottom Line – Best Thriller in Tollywood After A Long Time