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Language: Telugu
Banner: CK Entertainments, Happy Movies.
Producer: C.Kalyan
Director: KS Ravi Kumar
Music Director: Chirantann Bhatt
Editor: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Story Writer: Paruchuri Murali
Cinematographer: Ram Prasad
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Arjun Prasad (Balakrishna) is a CEO of a software company and also holds business in other sectors in India. Despite her mother warning not to go India but Arjun Prasad comes to Uttar Pradesh over a solar plant deal leading to a clash with Bhavani Nath. The twist in the tale arises when UP farmers call Arjun Prasad as Dharma and request him to help them. Who is Dharma? What is the true identity of Arjun Prasad? How the UP farmers problem gets resolved? All these questions will be answered in theatres.


Balakrishna is like a live wire in Ruler movie from start to end. Be it his stylish Tony Stark getup or the mass ruthless cop, Balakrishna has nailed it in the dual avatar giving complete entertainment. Be it hard core fight scenes, dance steps, romance with heroines, powerful dialogues hero Balakrishna has given a treat to his fans in this film.  

Sonal Chauhan is taken to fill the glamour quotient and she did that as expected with her oomph factor. Vedhika's role has scope for performance along with giving some eye treat and she balanced both the acts. Bhumika Chawla is given a key role that she performed up to the mark. Prakash Raj and Jayasudha are given tailor made roles that they are doing for a long time and there is nothing great or new they offered in Ruler movie.



Sonal Chauhan Glamour


Hard Core Fight Scenes



Old Story

High Predictability Levels


Weak Villain


Critics Rating

Technical Department

Direction 6
Editor 7
Casting Producer 7
Art Department 7
Music Director 7

Technical Department

Story Department 6
Choreography 7
Cinematography 7
Graphics 6
Field Publicity 7
Others Comment:
Bottom Line – Regular Mass Masala Entertainer Targeted At Nandamuri Fans