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Spider-Man: Far From Home Review

Language: English
Banner: Columbia Pictures, Marvel Studios, Pascal Pictures
Producer: Kevin Feige, Amy Pascal
Director: Jon Watts
Music Director: Michael Giacchino
Editor: Dan Lebental, Leigh Folsom-Boyd
Story Writer: Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers
Cinematographer: Matthew J. Lloyd
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Everyone’s life starts getting back to normal after the Thanos snap effect and people are adjusting with the unexpected changes that occurred.The young Peter Parker is back to school and he wants to take a break from all the super hero life with a two-month vacation trip. On the flip side Nick Fury comes across another world threat in the form of earth elementals. Quentin Beck, a super powered man from a parallel universe comes in to fight the elementals but he is falling short to prevent the attacks of creatures. What happens in the summer vacation trip of Peter Parker? Who is Quentin Beck? Why the earth elementals are attacking our planet? Forms the rest of the story of Spider-Man: Far From Home.



Tom Holland

Jake Gyllenhaal


Visual Effects

Action Episodes


Interesting twists



Nothing Much 


Bottom Line - It’s a must watch for this weekend with your friends and family

Critics Rating

Technical Department

Direction 9
Editor 9
Casting Producer 9
Art Department 9
Music Director 9

Technical Department

Story Department 9
Choreography 8
Cinematography 9
Graphics 9
Field Publicity 8
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