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Terminator: Dark Fate

Language: English
Banner: Paramount Pictures Skydance Media 20th Century Fox Tencent Pictures[1] Lightstorm Entertainment
Producer: visionary filmmaker James Cameron and David Ellison
Director: Tim Miller
Music Director: Tom Holkenborg
Editor: Julian Clarke
Story Writer: James Cameron Charles Eglee Josh Friedman David Goyer Justin Rhodes
Cinematographer:  Ken Seng
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Rev-9 (Gabriel Luna) a terminator was sent in the future by the machines to kill Dani Ramos (Reyes). For the counter-attack and to safeguard Dani Ramos the Human Resistance sends Grace (Davis), who is a trained enhanced soldier. But Rev-9 has more powers than expected to stop him and here comes the reunion of the first terminator Carl (Arnold Schwarzenegger) with Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) after 28 years. Now Dani Ramos, Grace, Sarah Connor, Carl, Dani (Natalia Reyes) team up together to defeat Rev-9.


Linda Hamilton is bang on from her entry till the end and her performance enhanced the movie. Her action sequences, fight scenes and a bit of emotional side are also showcased on the mark by the director showcasing her best in the movie.  

Arnold Schwarzenegger brings a nostalgic feeling to the Terminator franchise movies. He is good as always in the action part but the forced comedy angle did not work out.

Mackenzie Davis has pulled her role effortlessly, the fight sequences, action part on her looked amazing and she has brought a lot of naturality with her performance. Natalia Reyes has done her work perfectly as required for the part and she shines at few action sequences.

Gabriel Luna gave an extraordinary performance for his role as Rev- 9, the most powerful terminator. A new special power, excellent visual effects, graphics have added more weight to his performance. His combat sequences with Arnold Schwarzenegger, other important cast and the way he bounces back gives all new high in the story proceedings.


Action Sequences


High Production Values

Fight Scenes  

Linda Hamilton

Arnold Schwarzenegger



Forced Comedy

Critics Rating

Technical Department

Direction 8
Editor 7
Casting Producer 7
Art Department 8
Music Director 8

Technical Department

Story Department 8
Choreography 7
Cinematography 8
Graphics 7
Field Publicity 8
Others Comment:
Bottom line – One of the best Terminator Franchise movie in two decades