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beautiful movie

Language: Telugu
Banner: T Sridhar under A Tiger Company Production
Producer:  T Naresh Kumar T/ T Sridhar under A Tiger Company Production
Director: Agasthya Manju
Music Director: Ravi Shankar
Editor: Agasthya Manju
Story Writer: photographed and directed by Agasthya Manju
Cinematographer: Jomon T. John
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Priyank (Prath Suri) and Rini (Naina Ganguly) are people with different mindsets but eventually fall in love with each other. Unexpectedly Rini gets an opportunity to star as a heroine in a movie and she becomes a star overnight. This leads to a difference of opinions between the couple and they part ways. What happened in the love story of Rini and Priyank? Did they got back together or not? Has to be seen in the theatres.


Parth Suri is a perfect commercial hero material but the week role written for him has turned out as the major issue for him in this movie. Whenever he got the opportunity Parth Suri made use of it perfectly showcasing his acting skills, he was good in emotional scenes and suited correctly for the character given to him. His chemistry with heroine worked out as expected on big screen as they share a steamy sequence with ease without hesitation.

Naina Ganguly possesses good dancing skills that she showcased from time to time in the film and her skin show is one of the highlights of the movie and it’s a treat to everyone’s eyes. Coming to acting skills she was fine and did that is required as per the script of the film. Beautiful movie is totally focused around Naina Ganguly that lead rest of the actors just mere properties in scenes without much importance to their characters.


Naina Ganguly Glamour

Pre- Climax portion



Critics Rating

Technical Department

Direction 5
Editor 5
Casting Producer 4
Art Department 4
Music Director 4

Technical Department

Story Department 5
Choreography 4
Cinematography 4
Graphics 4
Field Publicity 5
Others Comment:
Drawbacks : Direction Screenplay Production Values Story Predictability Of Scenes Editing Bottom Line – Another expected dub film from Ram Gopal Varma Camp