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#TimesUp - Hindi Short Film - What Some Employees Think About Female Staff at office
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Language : Hindi
Banner : Pocket Films
Genre : Drama
Movie Description
While walking out on a break from the office, 4 office colleagues are talking about office politics, affairs and exploitation. While exiting the office, news on the ongoing #MeToo movement sparks a debate between two colleagues, Ankit and Adhwet; regarding the credibility of the movement and whether this movement is just a fad or a mouthpiece of media.
Netri Trivedi, Ankit Chandrashekhar, Adhwet Limbhachiya, Nisarg Purohit, Sanjay Galsar
More Information
Technical Department
Direction Mohit Chandnani and Harshil Bhatt
Music Director Kedar and Bhargav
Story Writer
Mohit Chandnani and Harshil Bhatt
Aditya Sharma
Editor Name Malav Jayesh Trivedi and Ayan Patel