Bike to Work Week: Are e-bikes the answer to health?

After battling cancer, arthritis and severe knee pain for years, the 41-year-old Minnesota native found an active solution to help her "transition back to a healthy lifestyle that simultaneously helps the environment."

She bought an e-bike. 

"I was just finishing my treatment for leukemia and I had gained a lot of weight," Wenzel said. "I needed tools to help me get active again, so I bought an e-bike that has literally become my car."

She said the Pedego City Commuter she bought has a pedal assist that she uses when she's running late to work, and a throttle that she engages "if the chain pops off so I can get somewhere safely."

The electric-powered two-wheeler delivers moderate support when she needs it and she turns the assist off when she wants to "enjoy a slow, relaxing ride on a sunny spring day."

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