Game of Thrones season 8 episode 6 review: An imperfect finale that still feels remarkably poignant


There have been goodbyes aplenty at various points in this eighth season of Game of Thrones. Old friends parting with the knowledge that they may never see each other again. The deaths of so many whose stories we followed devotedly for eight years now. Journeys that will lead people — who once fought, loved, lived, worked together — in very different directions. Divisions are wrought by geography. Divisions are wrought by fate. And still, the farewells of this finale feel remarkably poignant.

We begin in the aftermath of Daenerys' attack on King's Landing: walking through a surreal landscape of ash, rubble and charred bones. Tyrion and Jon confront what their support for Daenerys has meant — this very devastation that they see before them. And their Queen has no intention of stopping; she tells her armies that she will liberate people all over the world from tyrants. That they will strive to build a good world, a better world. The setting is very Third Reich-like.

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