Google Maps Will Soon Alert You if Your Taxicab Veers Off Route


Google India is reportedly testing a new feature that will prompt users when they steer significantly off a predestined road. The feature, which is reportedly being tested in India only, and is presently available to a select bunch of users, is designed particularly to make cab rides safer and to help tourists get around new cities more safely.

With the new feature, users can set a specific route for point to point travel. While steering off route typically makes Google Maps reroute and find an alternate path, enabling the new safety-oriented feature will refrain from setting an alternate route. If a user drives off the route by more than 500 meters, Maps will deliver a new 'Stay safer' button on the screen.

It is not clear how the functionality can be enhanced, and whether tapping on the button will let users choose an alternate route or even access a safety hotline. Reports on the internet state that the feature has not yet been spotted anywhere else in the world, although it would certainly aid travelers across the world from being tricked by local public transit services.

It is not clear as to when might Google roll out this service publicly, but given that it is being tested right now, users in India can expect it in the public build, sometime soon.

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