Hindu temples burgled in Atlanta and Cumming,GA

According to Primary information from various sources connected with the HTA and Maha 
Laxmi Temple of Cumming. 

The first theft took place on Thursday night; Thieves stole Jewellery from Hindu 
temple in south Forsyth County on Thursday night. On Jewelry was stolen off the main deity, 
Balaji and the vigraha of Andal.

In Next, At 8 p.m.,, six suspects walked into the Sri Maha Lakshmi Temple on Peachtree 
Parkway in Cumming, Georgia. 

The two adult male suspects distracted the two priests by discussing the history of the 
building, and Hindu religion eventually leading the priests outside. When one of the priests attempted to go 
back inside the building, one of the suspects blocked him from going in.

With the priests distracted, the two adult females walked around the prayer room and 
removed gold necklaces off the deities. The four adults and two children with them 
fled after removing all the necklaces.
The suspects took 10 necklaces from the scene with a total value of $15,000.

“The whole operation, which lasted less than 15 minutes, was pre-planned,” said Priest. “Only gold ornaments were taken. The rest of the jewelry was untouched.”

Sentimentality: Atlanta Hindu devotees feeling unhappy.

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