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Mazda is working on a different car engine

Many car fans have long been piningfor Mazda to bring back its quirky rotary engine, but theJapanese automaker may be about to put a little even more surprising under thehood of one of its cars. Tucked inside of the company’s latest quarterlyearnings report is a slide that exposes it is working on its firstinline-six-cylinder motor.

Twoof them, actually. A Skyactiv-X gasoline version and aSkyactiv-D diesel.


Straight-sixes are prized for their perfectly well-adjustedcylinder firing order, which makes them as turbine- or rotary-smooth as apiston engine can be. Although the layout fell out of favor for several years,due in part to the packaging challenge presented by their length, BMW has longbeen carrying its flag and was recently rejoined by Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar Land Rover. The Skyactiv-X adds a twist, however,because it represents a new Mazda technology that uses both spark andcompression ignition in gasoline engines.

And it gets even better. First highlighted by Jalopnikthe page also mentions a new large car platform, whichwould likely spawn a rear wheel drive sedan like the recent Mazda Vison Coupeconcept, which has an epic hood that looks like it could simply accommodate astraight-six. Mazda has been shifting its products upmarket in recent years,and this would fit that new philosophy.

Nodetails were mentioned for any of this, however, so a new rotary may still beatit all to showrooms. Mazda last year confirmed that it will haveone in production next year, just not in a sports car like the RX-7or RX-8 it one used to be featured in. Instead, it will work as arange-extending generator in a yet to be revealed plug-in hybrid model.