NaMo govt returned to power on delivery of social infra projects; should focus on boosting employment, pvt investment in second term

People by and large are not taken in by grandiose promises smacking of the impossibility of fulfillment. Small wonder then that the NYAY scheme promised by the Congress party in its 2019 manifesto failed to resonate with the masses. A promise of Rs 72,000 on a platter was too good to believe. So was Narendra Modi’s supposed Rs 15 lakh per person promise from out of black money retrieved from abroad belonging to Indians. Neither did that apparently resonate with the masses in 2014 nor did the failure to live up to this promise anger them has been validated in retrospect by the overwhelming mandate in 2019.

What resonates with the masses is the delivery of doable promises. MNREGA, the brainchild of the Communists implemented by the Congress, ensured the UPA’s return to power in 2009 after it was launched in 2005.

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