PM Modi govt 'sacking' 12-odd senior official’s incremental step towards reorienting bureaucracy to align with Centre's agenda


Prime Minister NarendraModi heaped praises on bureaucrats, encouraged them to “hit the ground running”and ensure "ease of living" for the common man exactly at a time when12-odd senior officers of the income tax department were compulsorily retiredby the government on Monday.


The message is loud andclear — lead, follow or get out of the way. The purge of deadwoods that waslong overdue from the gargantuan but ramshackle structure of the government hasbegun in right earnest. Of course, this is not the first time that officialswere compulsorily retired by using the service rule that empowers thegovernment to sack senior bureaucrats on the basis of their merit andperformance. Modi in his first stint had used this rule to get rid ofofficials found wanting in performance and integrity.

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