Prominent Indian- Mrs. Padmasree Warrior


Padmasree Warrior is the former Chief Executive Officer of NIO U. as well as a member of its board of directors. In these capacities, she was responsible for the brains of NIO's autonomous electric vehicles and the overall user experience. Prior to this,she held senior executive positions in Motorola and Cisco.


Yellepeddi Padmasreewas born and grew up in the city of Vijayawada in the southern state of AndhraPradesh, India. She was born into a Telugu Hindu family. She went to school at the Children's Montessori School and Maris Stella College in Vijayawada. Sinceshe was a child, Padmasree has been fascinated by science. As a result, Warrior received a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 1982. She holds a master's degree in chemical engineering from Cornell University.


She Started Out at Motorola


In 1984, Warrior started working at Motorola. There, she would continue working for 23 years,with the result that she works for in a number of executive positions. In specific, it is interesting to note that she was serving as the Chief Technology Officer when Motorola received a National Medal of Technology from President George W. Bush in 2004.


She Was CTO at Cisco Systems


By 2007, Warrior was ready for a change. As a result, she left Motorola for Cisco Systems, where she took up a conversant role as its Chief Technology Officer. There, Padmasree continued working until 2015 when she headed elsewhere. 


Fortune Magazine called Padmasree one of four rising stars on its Most Powerful Women list,placing her between the 10 "highest paid" and the "Young and Powerful" categories. In 2005, The Economic Times placed Warrior as the 11th Most Influential Global Indian. In 2001 she was one of six women nationwide nominated to receive the "Women Elevating Science and Technology" award from Working Woman Magazine. As of 2014, Warrior is listed as the 71st most powerful woman in the world by Forbes. In 2018 she was also featured among "America's Top 50 Women in Tech" by Forbes.

Warrior is featured in the Notable Women in Computing cards.

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