Young Actor Sacrifices For Prabhas


Young hero Sharwanand is well-known for his youthful romantic and family entertainers. Sharwanand whom previous back entertained with Padi Padi Leche Manasu romancing Sai Pallavi is now featuring in the remake of Vijay Sethupati, Trisha's hit Tamil movie 96. The film features Sharwanand mooning Samantha and movie lovers are super excited at the new combination.

Currently, it is coming out that Sharwanand who shares good relations with all top stars, sacrificed the title for his Jaan, Young Rebel Star Prabhas. The makers first planned to name the movie as 96. Though they made some changes in the remake version and the story has 2000 backdrop. So the makers felt 'Jaanu' would be the proper title of the film based on the character of the heroine.

However, Sharwanand along with the makers decided to do away with the title as Star Prabhas' upcoming entertainer with Radhakrishna Kumar is titled uncertainly as Jaan. Now hunt is on for a new title for Sharwanand's 96 remake.