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ABCD Review

Banner Name: Madhura Entertainment, BigBen Cinemas
Producer: Madhura Sreedhar Reddy, Yash Rangineni
Director: Sanjeev Reddy
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Certified Type:  U
Music Director: Judah Sandhy
Editor: Navin Nooli
Language: Telugu
Story Writer: Sanjeev Reddy
Sensor Board: CBFC
Cinematographer: Raam
Story Details
Aravind(Allu Sirish) is a rich spoilt brat in the US who does not have any value for money. Seeing his careless attitude, his dad(Naga Babu) sends him to India to understand the real value of money. At first, Aravind feels that it is a jolly trip but comes to know that his father has cut off all his finances. Rest of the story is as to how Aravind survives in India and crosses paths with Neha(Rukshar) and knows the harsh realities of life.

The movie takes off interestingly but fails to build further on the premise. The concept of American born rich desi kid coming to India, without any funds available to spend, sets up ample scope to generate humor but the team has been only partially successful. That too in the first half. In a couple of scenes Allu Sirish, Bharath ( Master Bharath ) are able to generate humor. Entire political thread involving finance minister Subhalekha Sudhakar, his son Raja is a damp squib. Feel good image artist Srinivennla Raja’s selection for a villain role is miscast, that impacted the entire second half. Hero heroine friendship or love track is poorly written. 
Vennela Kishore’s ‘ Koffee with Kishore ‘ news reader character has been written around the popular youtube video ‘ Frustrated Newsreader ‘ and it is hilarious. 
Allu Sirish has acted well, in climax scene his speech is impressive. Bharath as hero’s friend is fine as well. Heroine Rukshar Dhillon has a limited role, acted okay. Nagababu is adequate as the hero’s father. Production values should have been much better. Given the hero’s market, it appears there is a compromise in spending. Director Sanjeev shows some ability to narrate the proceedings interestingly but budget, casting, etc. factors restricted the output.
Others Comment:
One the whole, ABCD is a youthful comedy who works only in parts. The film starts well and evokes decent fun in the first half. Allu Sirish does well with his impressive act but the boring second half and the improper climax take things down. All we suggest you watch this film with an open mind and low expectations so that the viewing experience would be smooth.
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Technical Department

Direction 7
Editor 6
Casting Producer 6
Art Department 7
Music Director 8

Technical Department

Story Department 7
Choreography 7
Cinematography 7
Graphics 7
Field Publicity 7
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