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Hippi Movie Review

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Producer: Kalaippuli S Thanu
Director: TN Krishna
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Certified Type:  A
Music Director: Nivas K Prasanna
Editor: KL Praveen
Language: Telugu
Story Writer: TN Krishna
Sensor Board: CBFC
Cinematographer: RD Rajasekhar
Story Details
Hippi Devadas (Kartikeya), who is already in a relationship with a girl named Sneha, falls for her close friend Amuktamalyada (Digangana Suryavanshi) and breaks up with the first girl. After a constant pursuit by Deva, Amuktamalyada finally says yes to his proposal. The actual story begins when they both get into a serious relationship. What sort of insecurities will the young couple face during this course of time? Will they continue their relationship and make it an everlasting one? To know this, you have to catch the film in theaters near you.

Hippi is a problematic film that makes casual sexist and ageist remarks that are passed off as jokes. It’s also a film that believes showcasing a character (JD Chakravarthy), who’s the Vice President of a tech company, squeezing his female employees inappropriately and forcing them to hug another male colleague to ‘cheer him up’ is completely okay. In fact, he’s later glorified to such an extent; he even becomes an almost Yoda-like mentor in the lead couple’s lives. In an age where numerous women (and men) have been fighting for their mental health and abuse at workplace to be taken seriously, writing such characters and dialogues that objectify women and call them ‘item’ are a definite no. 

Coming to the lead pair – Devadas urf Hippi (Kartikeya) and Amukta Malyada (Digangana Suryavanshi), they’re so unbalanced and indecisive it almost makes your head reel watching it all play out on-screen. What could’ve been a quirky love story between two misfits gets turned into a long drama that forces itself to deliver an ending it thinks the viewers would want. Devadas is a kick boxer turned techie who only has his job secure because his female boss (who was adamant on removing him) is bowled over by his abs. Amukta Malyada switches between wanting to torture her boyfriend and get his attention so fast, it gives you a whiplash. Why they both insist on staying in a relationship when both seem to dislike each other so much despite loving each other is a mystery the film never answers.
Kartikeya, Digangana, JD Chakravarthy and even Brahmaji and Vennela Kishore deliver earnest performances and shine through but seem painfully stuck in a movie that has nothing much to offer. Director TN Krishna chooses comic-book style visuals that are interesting, but get picked up and dropped off erratically, to no end. The narrative and editing on the other hand is way too choppy and old-school. The cinematography by RD Rajasekhar and music by Nivas K Prasanna have nothing much to write home about, but the song 
Yevathive leaves an impression even if the BGM falls flat. By the end of the film, all that you’re left with are weird jokes about erections and a drawn-out film that makes no sense. 
Others Comment:
On the whole, Hippi is a stylish romantic film which fails to impress the audience. Hero Karthikeya and heroine Digangana take the lead and make the proceedings appealing, but abrupt narration with double meaning dialogues totally spoil the plot, making it a boring watch this weekend.
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Technical Department

Direction 7
Editor 5
Casting Producer 5
Art Department 6
Music Director 6

Technical Department

Story Department 5
Choreography 6
Cinematography 7
Graphics 7
Field Publicity 6
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