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Mental Madhilo Movie Review

Banner Name: Dharmapatha Creations
Producer: Raj Kandukuri
Director: Vivek Athreya
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Presented By: Dharmapatha Creations
Certified Type:  U / A
Music Director: Prashanth R Vihari
Editor: Viplav Nyshadam
Language: Telugu
Art Director: Manisha Satyavolu
Story Writer: Vivek Athreya
Sensor Board: CBFC
Cinematographer: Vedaraman
Story Details

Arvind Krishna(Sree Vishnu) is a confused soul by birth who gets bogged down when he has too many options put in front of him. Fed up with this attitude, his parents decide to get him married. In that process, he meets a girl called Svecha(Nivetha Pethuraj) and gets close to her.

When everything seems to be going well, one fine day, Arvind is forced to leave for Mumbai. There, he meets yet another girl called Renu(Amrutha) and gets attracted to her too. What will a confused Aravind do now? Which girl will he choose? and how will the entire confusion get cleared? To know this, you have to watch the film on the big screen.

Others Comment:
The way the upper-middle-class set up has been showcased is quite good. After a long time, Shivaji Raja gets a meaty role and shines brilliantly in the film. All his scenes with Sree Vishnu evoke superb comedy in the film. The feel-good romance in both the love stories is pretty interesting and has been showcased quite well.
Critics Rating:

Technical Department

Direction 8
Editor 9
Casting Producer 8
Art Department 8
Music Director 8

Technical Department

Story Department 8
Choreography 7
Cinematography 8
Graphics 8
Field Publicity 7
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