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Saakshyam Movie Review

Banner Name: Abhishek Pictures
Producer: Abhishek Nama
Director: Sriwass
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Presented By: Abhishek Pictures
Certified Type:  U / A
Music Director: Harshavardhan , Rameshwar
Editor: Kotagiri Venkatswara Rao
Language: Telugu
Story Writer: Sriwass , Sai Madhav Burra
Sensor Board: CBFC
Cinematographer: Arthur A. Wilson
Story Details
Vishwa(Bellamkonda Sreenivas) is a rich NRI who falls in love with Soundarya Lahari(Pooja Hegde). He follows her to India and gets tangled in issues involving her family. Without his knowledge, he faces massive problems from Munu Swamy(Jagapathi Babu) and his brothers and starts killing them one after the other. But behind all this, there is a serious past which Viswa does not know. What is that story? How is Viswa connected to it? and how all this is narrated is the entire story of the film.
Others Comment:
Production values of the film are top notch as the makers have gone all out in the making of the film. Every frame looks rich and is filled with a strong supporting cast which does their roles well. One of the biggest assets of the film is the action sequences which have been designed on a terrific note and elevate the proceedings to another level. The masses will love these fights as Bellamkonda has been showcased quite heroically. Coming to the hero, Bellamkonda Sreenivas has done a decent job in his role and carries all the action sequences with a lot of ease. Acting wise, he has improved a lot in the film. Pooja Hegde looks gorgeous and plays her supporting role well. Her chemistry with Bellamkonda junior is good to see on screen. Lyricist Ananta Sreeram plays a key role and he has done a good job in in the film. The film starts off well and after the first twenty minutes gets bogged down with unnecessary scenes. This not only creates a lag but makes the audience a bit impatient. The film needs editing as at least ten minutes can be chopped off. The film is good whenever the fights come in but gets sidetracked once they are over.
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